Christo's Arabians is situated on 40 acres in the heart of Hope, Michigan.

Aerial view of our farm Aerial view of our farm

Ralph Apel began Christo's Arabians with one stallion, B-Y Serrasul, purchased in Pennsylvania and two mares. After earning his B.S. in Equestrian Studies, Ralph became a licensed race trainer and has been raising horses for 20 years now. The Apels started this small breeding operation in 1983 and began racing their offspring six years later. After taking home the 1989 High Point Colt award with Suletas Jair, they were hooked. Today Christo's Arabians strives toward breeding for temperament, balance, correctness and performance by putting a maximum amount of time and hands-on training into a minimum number of horses. We want every horse we sell to have a long, sound career mentally as well as physically. Horses that were bred here have gone on to excel in racing and driving. If you are seeking a horse of sound mind and body you are at the right site!! Check out our sales list page to see what has come and gone!

Foals on the farm are imprinted at birth and at a young age taught the basics such as picking up feet and loading into a trailer. Each horse has a training program tailored to their individual needs in order to achieve the best results without undue stress to them. We take the time to accustom horses to new situations where learning can take place, without fear. When a horse goes into race/endurance training, long, slow miles are put on a youngster to strengthen bones while slowly increasing their distance. Then they graduate to our track where muscle building and introduction to the starting gates takes place. We have a half mile sandy loam training track (20 feet wide), a two horse starting gate and a licensed jockey on the farm. Horses raced by us are sound, fit athletes.